2016 List


Sachkand Sri Hazur Sahib, Jathedar – (INDIA)

Singh Sahib Jathedar Sant Baba Kulwant Singh Ji was born in Nanded Sahib on 1st May 1967. Baba ji grandfather was Sardar Mangal Singh Ji, Kadewale, who was a saintly soul who earned his livelihood by making Kade and led a simple life. His father name was Balwant Singh Ji and his mother name was Sant Kaur Ji. Babaji father was an accomplished Kirtaniya. Sant Baba Kulwant Singh Ji received his dharmic and social education from Master Taan Singh Ji, Giani Jagjeet Singh Ji and Giani Hardeep Singh Ji. He also learnt in-depth katha techniques. Jathedar Sahib started his sewa with his brother, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji as Ragis at Sachkhand Darbar Sahib. Observing his humility, dedication and reverence for Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Gurudwara Sachkhand Board appointed him to serve as a Granthi. As time passed Baba Ji studied various religious scriptures and served as a Kathakaar


Spiritual Leader – (INDIA)

Sant Baba Labh Singh Ji, Kar Sewa Wale is a name that brings to mind the idea of generosity, help and service. Sant Baba Labh Singh Jis services to the Sikh religion and to the world at large are a supreme example of dedication and sacrifice. Sant Baba Labh Singh Ji were born on June 15 1923 in the family of Ganga Singh at Anandpur Sahib. They completed their primary and secondary education in Amritsar. From a very early age Baba Ji were involved in the service of humanity and were eager to do sewa whenever possible. Living near Sachkhand Harmandir Sahib they had the opportunity to go there daily and engage in helping the pilgrims in whichever way they could. It was during a visit to Harmandir Sahib that Sant Baba Sewa Singh Ji noticed Baba Labh Singh Ji, their eagerness and humility were striking.


Akaal Takht Sahib Jathedar – (INDIA)

Jathedar Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh is the current religious Head of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib, the supreme religious authority of the Sikhs, based in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Giani Gurbachan Singh was born on April 6, 1948, in Chakk Baja village in Muktsar district of Punjab, India. Giani Gurbachan Singh joined the SGPC as sewadar on February 29 1972 at Darbar Sahib, Muktsar. After 36 years of his service in the SGPC, he became head of the top Sikh religious seat, Akal Takht. He was appointed as Jathedar on 6 August 2008 having been Head Granthi of Sri Harmandir Sahib for a number of years.


Chief Minister of the state of Punjab – (INDIA)

Parkash Singh Badal is an Indian politician who has been Chief Minister of the state of Punjab since 2007 and is one of the top 10 richest politicians in India. Parkash Singh was born on December 8 1927 in Abul Khurana to Late Sardar Raghuraj Singh and Sundri Kaur Badal. He is married to Surinder Kaur and is the proud father of a son and a daughter. His son Sukhbir Singh Badal is currently the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab. His daughter is married to Adesh Pratap Singh Kairon of the legendary Kairon family and the grandson of the legendary Pratap Singh Kairon and nephew of former Chief Minister and Governor Harcharan Singh Brar.


President, The Kalgidhar Trust – (INDIA)

Baba Ji, born in 1929, grew up with a resolve to dedicate his life to spreading the Divine Message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Baba Ji attained a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the Punjab Agriculture College in Lyallpur. Whilst studying their BSc they met Sant Teja Singh Ji, who told them how Sant Attar Singh Ji had established a girl college at Mastuana in 1906 and had asked Sant Teja Singh to visit Europe and America to study the western model of education. Baba Iqbal Singh meeting with Sant Teja Singh Ji inspired him to serve mankind with humility and dedication. Sant Teja Singh Ji established the spiritual retreat at Baru Sahib in the year 1956 and in 1965 Baba Iqbal Singh Ji joined as Director of Agriculture, Government of Himachal Pradesh.


Chairman, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha – (UK)

Bhai Sahib (Dr) Mohinder Singh Ji, Chairman of the Nishkam Group of Charitable Organisations since 1995, is the third inline of the Spiritual Leaders of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ). GNNSJ are based in Birmingham with sites in London, Leeds and internationally in Kenya and India. Bhai Sahib Ji has three honorary Doctorates from Universities in Birmingham. He holds three Directorships of Care Homes, eight Chairmanships, another eight Patronships, seven Trusteeships and some thirteen memberships of various organisations.


Former Prime Minister of India – (INDIA)

Dr Manmohan Singh, India’s fourteenth Prime Minister, is highly acclaimed as a thinker and a scholar. He is well regarded for his diligence and his academic approach to work, as well as his accessibility and his unassuming demeanour. Manmohan Singh was born on 26th Sept 1932, in a village in Punjab, India. He completed his Matriculation exams from Punjab University in 1948. Then in 1957, at the University of Cambridge (UK) he attained a 1st class (Hons) degree in Economics, followed by a D.Phil in Economics from Oxford University in 1962.


President & CEO, MasterCard Worldwide – (USA)

Mr. Ajaypal Singh Banga, aged 51, is the current president and CEO of MasterCard Inc and on the Board of Directors. He succeeded Robert W. Selander in July 2010. Beginning his business career with Nestle in 1981, Ajaypal Singh spent the next 13 years in a variety of assignments spanning sales, marketing, and general management. He later joined Pepsico and was instrumental in the launch of its international fast food franchises in India as the economy liberalised. Within the last five years, Ajaypal Singh served on the boards of Trustees of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., the National Urban League and the New York Hall of Science, and was Director of the Council for Economic Education. He was named by The Economic Times of India as the fourth ‘Most Powerful Indian’ in the world.


High Court Judge, Royal Courts of Justice – (UK)

Rabinder Singh was born in 1964 in Delhi, India. He grew up in a working-class part of Bristol and attended Bristol Grammar School. Rabinder Singh was named the Barrister of the Year by the Lawyer Magazine in 2001, became a QC in 2002 and was appointed a deputy High Court judge in 2003. Aged 39, he was thought to be the youngest judge to sit in the High Court. In 2004 he became a Recorder of the Crown Court. In 2006 he recieved the Liberty/Justice award as Lawyer of the Year. His appointment as a judge of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court was announced on 29 July 2011. Rabinder Singh is the first Sikh to be made a High Court judge, and wears a turban rather than a wig. Rabinder Singh was sworn in as a High Court Judge at Royal Courts of Justice in October 2011.


Human Rights Activist – (INDIA)

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa has been hailed as one of today Sikh heroes. He was born on 7th March 1983 and has been involved with human rights activism since early 1970’s. Ever since he was initiated as a Khalsa in 1972 in Bombay, Surat Singh has advocated human rights and has spoken out against injustice to Sikhs and other minorities living in India. During the ‘Dharam Yudh Morcha’, a political movement launched by Sikhs for equal rights in the 1980’s, he served as an advisor..


President, All India Pingalwara Society – (INDIA)

Dr Inderjit Kaur was born on 25th January 1942, she studied medicine and acquired an M.B.B.S. degree from Govt. Medical College, Patiala in 1967 and after a brief stint with Directorate of Health Services; she joined a private practice with her father. Bhagat Puran Singh Ji, founder of the Pingalwara Society took over the care of Dr Inderjit Kaur after the demise of her father in 1975. She emulated him and devoted her entire attention and energy to the service of the suffering. In 1986, Bhagat Puran Singh nominated Dr Inderjit Kaur as his successor, and she succeeded him as Patron President of the Society after his demise in August, 1992.


U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York – (USA)

Preetinder Singh served as the Chief Counsel to Senator Chuck Schumer and played a leading role in the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary investigation into the firings of United States attorneys. He was Assistant United States Attorney in Manhattan for five years, bringing criminal cases against bosses of the Gambino and Colombo crime families and Asian gangs in New York City. Preetinder was nominated to become U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York by President Barack Obama on May 15, 2009 and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He made history when he became the first Indian-American US Attorney and the highest ranking law enforcement officer.


Director, Punjab National Bank – (INDIA)

Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina, currently Director of Punjab National Bank, is a visionary with a distinguished background. He has demonstrated passion for education and knowledge throughout his career. He is the Honorary Secretary of Khalsa College Governing Council, Amritsar, President of Indian Academy of Fine Arts and Senator at Guru Nanak Dev University. He is actively involved and held positions in The Kabbadi Association and Indo-German Societies. In the past he has held various important positions of responsibility including Vice-Chairmanship, Marketing and Block Samitis and Chairmanship of Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation Ltd, Chandigarh.


Chairman and CEO, Customers Bancorp – (USA)

Jay Singh is Chairman and CEO of Customers Bancorp, Inc. and Customers Bank with headquarters in Wyomissing. Today it is a proforma $5 billion asset high-performing bank extending from Boston to Washington, D.C. Before assuming leadership at Customers, He was Chairman and CEO of Sidhu Advisors, LLC, a private equity and financial services consulting company based in Palm Coast, Fla. and Reading, Pa. from 2006–2009. Prior to that he was Chairman and CEO of Sovereign Bancorp, Inc. and Sovereign Bank, a $90 billion financial institution. Jay Singh has been recognised as Financial World’s CEO of the year, Turnaround Entrepreneur of the Year, the Chamber of Commerce’s Large Business Leader of the Year, the Caron Foundation’s Citizen of the Year, and has also been the recipient of many awards and other honors.


Executive Chairman, Centrum India – (INDIA)

Jaspal Singh is a global financial services industry executive with a consistent track record of driving profitable growth and increasing brand and shareholder value in a broad range of leadership roles with major banking groups such as Standard Chartered Bank, UBS and Bank of America. He has successfully led businesses with revenues ranging from $1-13 billion. Recently he turned entrepreneur as promoter and Executive Chairman of Centrum, a leading financial services provider listed, headquartered in Mumbai, India with offshore presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.


Spiritual Leader – (INDIA)

Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji, aged 31 have been promoting Sikhi for the last 15 years. From a very early age, they set out to bring the message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the people. Against great adversity, they have continued to speak out the truth and bring panthic issues to the forefront. Holding an Amrit sanchar after every smagam they have administered Amrit to over 650,000 people. Not only have they held programs extensively throughout Punjab, they have travelled all over the world.


Dr Bibi Ji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa (Bhai Sahiba) – (USA)

Dr Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa was born on January 22, 1935 in Wazirabad. Bibi ji mother traces her lineage directly to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. She was entitled Bhai Sahiba of the Western Hemisphere by her husband, Harbhajan Singh Yogi and the Khalsa Council of Sikh Dharma of the West. In 2004, a proclamation letter from the Akal Takhat confirmed her position as a Bhai Sahiba. In 1973, she achieved her PhD in counselling, serving the Sangat with hours of compassionate listening and guidance. She is known all over the world for her religious work, her wisdom, her philanthropy and her dignity..


President of Shiromani Akali Dal – (INDIA)

Sukhbir Singh is currently the youngest President of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) political party and serves as Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab. Sukhbir Singh was born on 9 July 1962 in Badal, Distt. Faridkot (Punjab) and is a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. A post-graduate in economics with a Management degree from the California State University in Los Angeles, Sukhbir Singh is also engaged in promoting the family business. He went to the Lawrence School, Sanawar and studied to acquire a B.A. (Hons) Economics, M.A (Economics) and MBA. He is an alumnus of Punjab University, Chandigarh and California State University, Los Angeles (USA)


Union Cabinet Minister – (INDIA)

Harsimrat Kaur Badal, born on 25 July 1966 to Satyajit and Sukhmanjus Majithiahas in Delhi, is the Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing and MP from Bathinda. She is a member of Shiromani Akali Dal and the wife of deputy chief minister of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal and holds a diploma in textile design. Harsimrat started her political career in 2009 when she was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from the Bhatinda. Her first speech was on 3 December 2009, where she expressed her concern about the victims and survivors of the 1984 anti Sikh riots.


Minister of National Defence – (CANADA)

Harjit Singh is a Canadian Liberal politician, the current Minister of National Defence and a Member of Parliament representing the riding of Vancouver South. He is the first Sikh to become Minister of Defence. Sajjan was first elected during the 2015 federal election, defeating Conservative incumbent MP Wai Young, and was sworn as defence minister into the Cabinet, headed by Justin Trudeau, on November 4, 2015. Before politics, Sajjan was a detective investigating gangs for the Vancouver Police Department and a regimental commander in the Canadian Armed Forces decorated for his service in Afghanistan. Sajjan was also the first Sikh-Canadian to command a Canadian Army reserve regiment.


Min. of Innovation, Science & Dev. – (CANADA)

Navdeep Singh is the Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Malton and was appointed Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development on November 4, 2015. He has extensive parliamentary experience, having represented Mississauga–Malton from 2004 to 2011. He served as Privy Councillor and Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Paul Martin and then as Critic for Public Works and Government Services, the Treasury Board, International Trade, Natural Resources, and Small Business and Tourism. Navdeep was an adjunct lecturer at the Master of Public Service program at the University of Waterloo and a distinguished visiting professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University


Minister of Infrastructure & Communities – (CANADA)

Elected three times as an Edmonton City Councillor, Amarjeet Singh became the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods in 2015. He has been a prominent leader on municipal and provincial issues, volunteering with Public Interest Alberta, the Centre for International Alternatives, and the Canadian Labour Congress. He has received the Edmonton Interfaith Advocate Award and John Humphrey Centre’s Human Rights Advocate Award for promoting welcoming and socially inclusive communities. As a former member of the Edmonton Police Commission, Amarjeet believes in building safe and strong communities.


Minister of Small Business & Tourism – (CANADA)

Bardish Chagger PC MP is a Canadian politician who is the current Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism and the Member of Parliament for the riding of Waterloo. She was elected as a Liberal member of the House of Commons of Canada in the 2015 Canadian election. Bardish assumed the responsibilities of Leader of the Government in the House of Commons on August 19, 2016, in addition to the responsibilities she already held as Minister of Small Business and Tourism. She was appointed as the first female Leader of the Government in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs – (INDIA)

Navtej Singh is an Indian author-columnist, diplomat, and former Indian Ambassador to Israel. Born in Jalandhar to a noted writer in Punjabi, Mohinder Singh Sarna he graduated as a part of the 1980 Class of Indian Foreign Service. His current post, is Joint Secretary for external publicity at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), since October 2002, and holds the distinction of being the longest serving spokesperson of the ministry until 2008. Previously he served as a diplomat in Moscow, Warsaw, Thimphu, Geneva, Teheran and Washington, DC. He has wrtten a number of short stories and book reviews, his latest, The Exile (2008) is based on the life of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Lahore and son Raja Ranjit Singh.


Managing Director, Berger Paints Group – (INDIA)

Mr Kuldip Singh Dhingra is an industrialist. He is Managing Director at Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd and the Chairman of Berger Paints Group. He is a promoter of the company and has a extensive experience in the paint industry. He has been Non-Executive Chairman at Berger Paints India Limited since 1994 and also serves as a Board Member of Al Masah Capital Limited. Kuldip Singh is a science graduate from Delhi University and recipient of the distinguished alumni award from the Hindu College. He is also Honorary Consul of Georgia in India.


CEO, Mainstreet Equity Corp – (CANADA)

Bob Singh, born 1965, is President and Chief Executive of Mainstreet Equity Corp. After graduating, he completed his MBA at Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. Bob sold homes from the back of his car at 19 but became a millionaire by 21. He now owns more than 6,000 rental properties across the country in addition to his 2,700-acre island in Belize where he has an orphanage programme. In Western Canada his company buys, renovates and manages rental apartment buildings, which attract young families. Mainstreet Equity Corp is the first Indian-owned company to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Chairman, The Thakral Group – (SINGAPORE)

The Thakral Group was founded in 1905 by Kartar Singh father, Mr Sohan Singh. The Group beginnings were in Bangkok textile trade, operating as Punjab Store. Kartar Singh joined his father and in 1952 moved to Singapore. Gradually Kartar Singh led the Group, transforming it into a multinational conglomerate, employing over 10,000 people across 30 countries. The Group businesses include distribution of consumer electronics, IT hardware and timepieces; manufacturing garments; logistics and warehousing; hotels and real estate. Kartar is Chairman of the Thakral Group with assets over $1.2 billion (31st Dec 2010).


President & CEO, Hampshire Hotels & Resorts – (USA)

Sant Singh is the president and CEO of Hampshire Hotels & Resorts and has hotels in the USA, UK and Thailand with over 2,500 rooms in Manhattan. Sant Singh is trustee of William J. Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative and the Urban Enterprise Initiative. He was honoured with ‘Order of Khalsa’ award by Govt. of Punjab (India) in 1999 for outstanding service to community. Chatwal company invested $200 million in India for hotels over next 5 years with rights given for franchise and management to Wyndham Hotel Group. Sant Singh works closely with the Democratic Party, in particular Hilary Clinton.


Chairman, Apollo Tyres – (INDIA)

Onkar Singh Kanwar is a Science and Administration graduate from the University of California. In 2002 he took control as the Chairman of Apollo Tyres Ltd, founded by his father in 1976, growing it to one of India largest tyre makers with revenues of $2.5 billion and factories in India, the Netherlands and South Africa. He’s also diversified into healthcare with Artemis brand super specialty hospitals in northern India. Onkar Singh is passionate about learning modern management practices and their successful application in business. He is member of many organisations, including the Trade Advisory Committee to the Government of India.


Governor of State, Arunachal Pradesh – (INDIA)

The Thakral Group was founded in 1905 by Kartar Singh father, Mr. Sohan Singh. The Group beginnings were in Bangkok textile trade, operating as Punjab Store. Kartar Singh joined his father and in 1952 moved to Singapore. Gradually Kartar Singh led the Group, transforming it into a multinational conglomerate, employing over 10,000 people across 30 countries. The Group’s businesses include distribution of consumer electronics, IT hardware and timepieces; manufacturing garments; logistics and warehousing; hotels and real estate. Kartar is Chairman of the Thakral Group with assets over $1.2 billion (31st Dec 2010).


Ceo, Drew & Napier LLC – (SINGAPORE)

Davinder Singh was born in Piunjab 1 August 1957, he is a Singaporean lawyer and the Chief Executive Officer of the law firm Drew & Napier. He was in the first batch of senior counsel appointed in 1997 and an international arbitrator with over 30 years experience. Davinder was the only Singapore lawyer to win the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Legal Profession Award’ at the Chambers Asia-Pacific Awards 2014. He earned the ‘Best International Lawyer: Singapore’ accolade for six consecutive years. Davinder Singh was educated at National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law and has a legal career spanning over 20 years.


Judge – (UK)

Sir Mota Singh was raised in Nairobi, Kenya before coming to England in 1954 to complete his studies in Law. He joined the English bar in 1967 and developed a successful practice in civil law. Then in 1982 he made headlines with his appointment to the bench where he wore a white turban and not a wig. He became Britain first Sikh and Asian judge. Since coming to the UK he has been a prominent member of Britain Asian community and sits on several trusts and boards. Judge Mota Singh received a knighthood from HRH Queen Elizabeth in 2010.


Marketing Director, Punjab National Bank – (INDIA)

Mr Bhupinder Singh is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Punjab National Bank (International) Limited UK, operating out of London. He carries with him a rich experience of Banking for 36 years, of which he has spent most of the years in Punjab National Bank in various leadership positions. His strength is working in a team, motivating them and taking them to next level. He mingles easily with people which is evident from his fluency & command in various languages. He is a strong believer of work is worship. He is a quick decision maker and a prudent banker.


High Court Judge – (UGANDA)

Anup Singh Choudry, a Sikh writer, and businessman born in1950 are a Ugandan-born Sikh of Punjabi ancestry. After being schooled in Uganda he traveled to England to study at the University of London and the University of Cambridge. He qualified as a solicitor and practiced law in England for about 20 years. He then returned to Uganda to work in the Ugandan civil service. On 5 March 2008 Anup Singh was approved to become a High Court judge for Uganda, the first Sikh High Court judge in that country.


President, Punjab PCC – (INDIA)

Amarinder Singh, born March 1942, is the President of Punjab PCC. He served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2002 to 2007. Captain Amarinder Singh is the son of Yadavindra Singh and Mohinder Kaur, former Maharaja of Patiala and he is the titular (who posses few powers) Maharaja of Patiala. He attended the Welham Boys School, Lawrence School Sanawar and The Doon School in Dehradun. He has two children Yuvraj Raninder Singh and Jai Inder Kaur. His wife Preneet Kaur is an MP serving as Minister of State in the External Affairs Ministry.


Founder & Chairman, Max India Limited – (INDIA)

Analjit Singh is the Founder & Chairman of Max India Limited, Chairman of Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited, Max Healthcare Institute Limited and Max BUPA Health Insurance Company Limited. He has been the driving force behind the Max India Group sustained growth and success since the mid 80s. Max India Group turnover for the year 2010 was over INR 78,300 million with a customer base of 4.4 million. The total investment in various businesses at the end of 2010 stood at INR 22,500 million. The Group has over 400 offices across India and staff of over 73,000.


Chairman / Director, Fortis Healthcare – (INDIA)

Malvinder and Shivinder inherited the family’s 35.5% stake in India’s leading pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy Laboratories. The brothers sold the company to Japan Daiichi Sankyo for $2 Billion. Since then they have come a long way with setting up Fortis Healthcare in 2001which has multiplied through acquisitions, construction of hospitals and management contracts. Fortis had 28 hospitals when it acquired Wockhardt chain. At Fortis, Shivinder is Managing Director of Fortis Healthcare (India) and Malvinder is Group Chairman looking after the Singapore-based Fortis Healthcare International Pte Ltd. The brothers see opportunity for even more expansion to Asia and Australia


Minister of State for External Affairs – (INDIA)

Preneet Kaur, born in Shimla to Satinder Kaur and Gian Singh Kahlon on 3 October 1944, is an Indian politician, currently serving as Minister of State for External Affairs and a member of Indian National Congress. She represents the Patiala constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha and is the wife of Maharaja of Patiala, ex-Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh. She started her political career as a member of 13th Lok Sabha in 1999. Prior to that she volunteered with the Indian Red Cross and also started Sanjeevani, an institute in Patiala for children with different abilities.


Senior Partner, Clayton Dubilier & Rice – (INDIA)

Manvinder Singh is a Senior Partner of the private equity fund Clayton Dubilier & Rice since 2010, after a 33 year career at Unilever. He is former President of the Home and Personal Care division and member of Unilever PLC Executive Board. He has been on the PM of India Council of Trade & Industry since 2004 and Director of Marks and Spencer Group Plc and Thomson Reuters. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a BTech in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from institute of Management. Manvinder was awarded Padma Bhushan by the President of India in 2010.


Marshal of the Indian Air Force (retired 1969) – (INDIA)

Arjan Singh was born on 15 April 1919 in Lyallpur in Punjab. He was educated at Montgomery, India and entered the RAF College Cranwell in 1938. He was commissioned as a pilot officer in December 1939. As a distinguished graduate of the RAF College, Singh’s portrait is now to be found on the walls of the College’s west staircase. Arjan Singh is presently the only living Indian military officer with a five-star rank. Arjan Singh is a fearless and exceptional Pilot and the success of No. 1 Squadron Indian Air Force can be credited to him.


Chairman & CEO, The Edwardian Group Ltd – (UK)

Jasminder Singh is Chairman and CEO of The Edwardian Group Limited (the parent company of Radisson Edwardian Hotels). A Chartered Accountant by profession, he founded the Edwardian Group in 1977 and joined with Radisson in 1993 to become the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group. He continues to set the direction, strategy, vision, and culture for the senior management team who work for him. Jasminder determines the Group’s major expenditures and manages its capital. He was honoured with a Doctorate by the University of Stirling and awarded an OBE in 2007 for his services to the hotel industry.


Special Director, Central Bureau of Investigation – (INDIA)

Balwinder Singh, a Senior IPS officer of Andre Pradesh, was appointed as Special Director in the Central Bureau of Investigation headquarters in New Delhi, 2010. Previously he was Additional Director in the CBI, looking after Economic Offences, Bank Securities, and Fraud Divisions. From 1999 to 2000 he was associated with the investigations of sensitive cases and served as Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad and Additional Security in the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi. Balvinder Singh has been decorated with the Police Medal for Meritorious Services in 1992 and the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services in 1998.


Chair, Peel Police Services Board – (CANADA)

Amrik Singh was first appointed by the Provincial Government to the Regional Municipality of Peel Police Services Board in 2009, 2011 and re-appointed for a second term in, 2014. In January 2016, the Board unanimously elected him Chair. Amrik Singh is a business leader with an extensive background in manufacturing and petro- chemicals. He retired from Shell Canada as General Manager after 29 years in various capacities in Projects, Strategy and creating new opportunities. He is interested in results through motivating teams and developing effective relationships and partnerships. He has a Masters in Engineering from Carleton University and an MBA (Dean’s List) from McMaster University.


Chief Police Officer, Kuala Lumpur – (MALAYSIA)

Amar Singh, 58, started his career in Ipoh district police headquarters’ CID after completing the Assistant Superintendent Cadet police basic training in 1983. The Bachelor of Science Degree and Law Bachelor Degree holder then rose up the ranks, with stints in Johor Baru and Klang district police headquarters, as well as the commandant of Police Training Centre in Jalan Semarak. in 2016, he was appointed as the chief police officer (CPO) of Kuala Lumpur, with the rank of commissioner. This is the highest rank attained by a Sikh police officer in Malaysia.


Deputy Chief, Embassy of India Washington – (USA)

Taranjit Singh was born on 23 January 1963 and graduated with History (Hons) from St. Stephens, Delhi. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1988 and served in the former Soviet Union. In1992 he opened a new Embassy in Ukraine where he served as Second Secretary. From 1994 to March 1997 he was responsible for liaison with foreign media in India as Minister of External Affairs. From April 1997, Taranjit Singh joined the Embassy of India Washington as First Secretary, where he spearheaded India’s successful efforts to obtain congressional waiver of sanctions imposed on India in 1998 following nuclear tests.


President, DSGMC – (INDIA)

Manjit Singh is President of prestigious organisation of Sikhs, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), managing gurdwaras in India capital, Delhi. His father Jathedar Santokh Singh who earned tremendous respect for his selfless service towards Sikh community was assassinated in 1981. Manjit Singh, who is also president of the Delhi unit of Shiromani Akali Dal-Badal, is carrying forward legacy of his father and traditions of the Akali party. Apart from giving selfless service to Sikh community and DSGMC, Manjit Singh keeps a modern outlook and has keen interests in the environment conservation and education. Manjit Singh is continuously fighting for Sikh rights and the anti-Sikh riots that broke out in 1984.


Managing Director, BBC Television – (UK)

Bal Singh Samra is a senior media executive with twenty years of experience and is now operating at the highest level in his field. He holds a number of roles in executive and non-executive capacities. Bal took up his most recent role as Managing Director of BBC Television in July 2014, in addition to his role as Commercial Director for the BBC group. Across the two roles, he leads around 900 staff and is responsible for managing a budget of around £1billion. He is also Chairman of Freesat; a Trustee of the National Film and Television School, furthering the development of the next generation of leading Directors and writers in the industry.


CEO, Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd – (INDIA)

Mr N P Singh has been Chief Executive Officer of Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd., since January 3, 2014. Mr. Singh serves as Chief Operating Officer of Sony Entertainment Television since December 2004 and oversees the operations of the two principal channels of the network – the flagship SET and the movie-cricket channel MAX. Previously, Mr. Singh served as Chief Financial Officer of Sony Entertainment Television.


Lawyer, Delhi High Court – (INDIA)

Harvinder Singh Phoolka is a senior advocate of Delhi High Court, Human Rights activist, and an author. After completing his law degree in Chandigarh, Phoolka practiced law in Delhi. He spearheaded one of the longest and most tortuous legal “crusades” to gain justice for the victims of 1984 Anti-Sikh massacre, fighting individual cases. He served as member-secretary of the Justice Narula Committee formed in 1993 to probe the carnage. Phoolka was appointed the counsel for Central Government in January 2001. He is known as a lawyer who won’t take up a case if he finds that the client is in the wrong. The Outlook Magazine included Phoolka in its list of 50 people that make a difference in India.


Chairman, The Wave Group – (INDIA)

With an experience of over 30 years, Mr. Chadha is responsible for the Group’s strategic decision making along with corporate finance activities. He embarked his journey into business by operating a transport company at Delhi and Moradabad while pursuing his higher education. At a nascent age he established the Paper Mill, the success of which is contributed to his arduous hard work and commitment. At present, he administers the Sugar Manufacturing, Entertainment, Paper and other businesses under the Wave umbrella. Mr. Rajinder Singh Chadha along with Mr. Gurdeep Singh Chadha (popularly known as Mr. Ponty Chadha) were instrumental in steering Wave’s growth story across business portfolios of the group. With his leadership skills and never to give up attitude, Wave group is expected to grow bigger and better.


President, Sun Group – (INDIA)

Vikramjit Singh is a well known entrepreneur, educationist and social worker of Delhi who has been conferred with the honour of Padma Shri and the International Peace Award. Sahney, Chairman of the Sun Foundation, which is a charitable institution registered since 1998, established for the welfare of mankind having many altruistic aims and objectives to carry on relief work among the people who are in distress; to work to uplift the weaker section of society including old aged, destitute, handicapped and others in need of special care. Sun Foundation runs many educational institutions including International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and Taare Zameen Par. Besides this, the foundation has undertaken several projects of philanthropic nature.


Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research UK – (UK)

Harpal Singh studied chemical engineering at Cambridge and attained an MBA at Harvard. He worked in scientific research and management consultancy, before taking on a number of CEO roles, in both the commercial and charity sectors. Harpal managed the Cancer Research Trust where he was responsible for discovering new cancer drugs. Today he is Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research UK, the world-leading cancer research charity. His annual budget of £500m is to driving the strategy that ensures survival rates improve for every type of cancer. He advises senior ministers on cancer and tobacco control and is a regular media spokesperson.


Director, The Network of Sikh Organisations – (UK)

Indarjit Singh is Director of The Network of Sikh Organisations UK, Vice Chair and Founder of the InterFaith Network UK. He is also Head and Co-Coordinator of the Sikh Chaplaincy Services who provide pastoral care of Sikhs in Prisons, Hospitals and Armed Forces. He is a member of the House of Lords, editor of the Sikh Messenger, presenter of the ‘Thought for the Day’ on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought. He contributes to newspapers, journals and represents the community on many occasions including the Remembrance service at Cenotape and HM Queens 60th anniversary.


Inventor of Fibre Optics – (USA)

Narinder Singh is an Indian born American physicist known for his work in fibre optics. The man who ‘bent light’ has been at the centre of hi-tech for over 50 years and is still going strong at 70. He is known as father of fibre optics. His career spans science, entrepreneurship, lecturing and farming. His personal interests include philanthropy, art collecting and sculpting. He founded Optics Technology Inc in 1960. He was named ‘Unsung Heroes’ by Fortune magazine in Businessmen of Century issue (Nov 11). Narinder has served on many boards and members of Young Presidents and World Presidents Organizations.


Chairman, Sun Mark Ltd – (UK)

Raminder Singh Ranger MBE, FRSA is a successful businessman, honoured five times by Her Majesty the Queen, four times for Business and once for services to the British Asian Community and was made a Member of British Empire in 2005. Raminder set up his first business in 1987 from a rented room in Hayes and with sheer dedication and commitment he now runs two of Britain fastest growing companies with an annual turnover of £120 million. Sun Mark Ltd was added to the Sunday Times most profitable 100 companies in Britain in their ‘Profit Track 100’ in 2011 and 2012.


Co-Founder, SikhNet.com – (USA)

Guruka Singh is the Co-Founder of SikhNet and Sun & Son, a computer consulting firm. He initially served as Senior Producer at a major entertainment software company and is now President and C.E.O of SikhNet. Guruka Singh is a teacher and writer. His love of poetry and Gurbani led him to translate Yogi Bhajan Singh Ji Gurmukhi poems in several publications like Furmaan Khalsa, The Game of Love, Heros, Saints and Yogis and the Path of Sikh Dharma. His writings and videos are a source of inspiration to the Sikh community throughout the world.


Chairman, J & H Sales International – (UK)

Ranjit Singh is the Founder and Chairman of J and H Sales (International) Ltd, one of Europe leading exporters of paper for recycling, operating across the USA, Europe and the Far East. In 2001, the company received the Queen Award for Enterprise (International Trade). In 2011 he was appointed Treasurer of the Bureau of International Recycling, prior to which he was President of the Paper Division (2007-2013). He is a recognised expert in the recycling business and a major contributor to international trade journals. Mr Baxi is a Trustee of Northwick Park Institute of Medical Research, London and has held a number of Non-Executive directorships. In 2015 He was elected as the Head of the Bureau of International Recycling.


Mayor of Charlottesville – (USA)

Satyendra Singh, known as the Sikh Architect of Charlottesville and previously Professor at University of Virginia school of Architecture, spent 25 Years as Director of Strategic Planning for the City of Charlottesville. He has received honours from the Society of American Institute of Architects, recognition from the PEW Foundation and special recognition from Piedmont Council for the Arts for contribution and support for the arts. Satyendra has also been consultant to the City of Pleven, Bulgaria for Economic Development and Tourism Marketing. Satyendra ran for office after getting tired of retirement and was elected Mayor of Charlottesville, USA in 2012.


Politician – (INDIA)

Tarlochan Singh is an Indian politician and a Member of the Parliament of India, representing Haryana. He served as Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities from 2003 to 2006 with the Union Cabinet of India. He has done tremendous work for Sikhs worldwide, contributing huge efforts for the rescue and settlement of Afghan Sikhs after the Afghanistan civil war. He published calendars and developed museums on Sikh history, travelling worldwide to educate people about the teachings and values of Sikhism. He visited Maine in the USA in 2008. Tarlochan Singh has received many awards and was a member of Rajya Sabha (2004-2010).


Managing Partner, KhattarWong LLP – (SINGAPORE)

Gurbachan Singh is Managing Partner of KhattarWong LLP and has worked with Tax Law for 35 years. He is an Advisor to the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore and members of UK Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and Revenue Chamber of the Editorial & Research Committee of the Malaysian Institute of Taxation. He is the Director of The Tax Academy of Singapore and ranked highly in legal publications such as Who’s Who Legal, Asia Pacific Legal 500, Chambers Asia-Pacific, Asian Legal Business and PLC Which Lawyer. In 2012, Gurbachan was awarded the George Tasker Outstanding Achievement Award for contributions to Society.


Director, Vitabiotics – (UK)

Dr Kartar Singh Lalvani founded Britain fastest growing nutraceutical company Vitabiotics in 1971. It a family business and has twice won the Queen Award for Enterprise. It has a portfolio of UK No. 1 brand leading supplements including Pregnacare, Perfectil, Osteocare, Wellman and Wellwoman. Dr Kartar Singh, a fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society with a doctorate in medicinal chemistry, built his business on patented scientific innovations. The company sells its products in over 120 countries, UK alone over £60m worth of products are sold through retail chains. Vitabiotics employs over 2,000 worldwide with a turnover of over £200m.


Mayor, Yuba City – (USA)

Kashmir Gill is the current mayor of Yuba City, California. This is Kashmir second term as Mayor, previously 2009-2010, he is the first Punjabi-American and first Sikh to hold the title. Additionally, he is the first Sikh-Elected Mayor in the United States of America. Kashmir Singh emigrated with his family from India and the entire family worked in farming. He has a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural business. Kashmir Singh is currently working at Mechanics Bank as Senior Vice President, where he is leading the agribusiness division. He is also an active member of the Republican Party.


Businessman – (DUBAI)

Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi, 57, is a Dubai-based businessman from a small town in Punjab. He came to Dubai in 1980 as a mechanic, returned to India after a year to launch a family business, and then returned to the emirate to start his own company. Mr Oberoi is well known for his charity work. Over the years, he has secured the release of 54 Indians by collecting donations and using his own funds – including the 17 men freed recently – sentenced to death for various crimes in the United Arab Emirates.


Businessman – (UK)

Sukhpal Singh left Uganda and moved to England at 13. He worked on market stalls in Liverpool Street and Petticoat Lane and at 18 had an opportunity to buy a car parts shop for £5,000 in Willesden in 1978. Sukhpal used funds from his father and a loan to buy the shop. Now Euro Car Parts has 61 outlets, an annual turnover of £145 million and pre-tax profits of £6.6 million. In the last few years Sukhpal has opened a 400,000 sq ft National Distribution Centre, eight Regional Distribution Centres, and 25 Branches throughout the UK employing more than 3,500 people. Last Year Sukhpal sold Euro Car Parts for over £250 million


Managing Director, GCMF – (INDIA)

Rupinder Singh is the Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, he is a first-batch of alumnus from IRMA, Anand and obtained his B.E.(Ag) degree from CTAE, Udaipur. He joined GCMMF in the year 1982 directly after completing his post-graduation in rural management from IRMA and rose to the present level of Managing Director in 2010. Rupinder has 31 years of rich experience in Marketing and Sales function within the dairy industry, having served GCMMF in several capacities. He is a member of the Boards and Governing bodies of several organisations and institutions.


Consul General, Republic of Liberia – (LIBERIA)

Upjit Singh is a graduate of Guru Nanak Dev University and was uniquely appointed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia, by the President of Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Upjit Singh is the Honorary Consul General of India to the Republic of Liberia and is recognised for playing a pivotal role in protecting the lives of Indians and Liberians during the heat of the 1996-2003 civil wars in Liberia. He is President of Jeety Trading Corporation and Chairman of the Gurudwara in Monrovia. Mr. Sachdeva is associated with various charitable and social organisations and was awarded best philanthropist of the year award by fedration of liberia muslim scholars in 2010


Ambassador of India to Indonesia – (INDONESIA)

Gurjit Singh studied at St. Xavier college Kolkata and is a Post Graduate in International Studies from JNU. Appointed to the Indian Foreign Service in 1980, he has served in Indian Missions in Tokyo, Colombo, Nairobi and Rome and as the Ambassador of India to Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Representative of India to the African Union. Currently, he is the Ambassador of India to Indonesia. He is proficient in Japanese and has published The Abalone Factor – An overview of India-Japan Business Relations in 1997, which also won him the Bimal Sanyal Award. Other publications include Indian Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities and his last book, The Injera and the Parantha: Enhancing the Ethio-India Relationship was released by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in August 2009.


Baroness in Waiting, Houses of Parliament – (UK)

Sandip Kaur was born in 1959 Amritsar India and moved with her parents to England in 1960. She was made a Conservative life peer as ‘Baroness Verma’ of Leicester in 2006 and the first Sikh lady to sit on front benches in either of Houses of Parliament. As a Baroness in Waiting, she is a member of the Queen Household. Since 6 September 2012, she has been a Junior Minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Formerly, she was a Government Whip and Spokesperson for Cabinet Office, International Development and Equalities and Women’s Issues…


Author – (CANADA)

Devinder Singh achieved an MSc and PhD (Microbiology) from the Ohio State University and University of Southern Illinois in 1966. He established a Department of Microbiology at the Punjab Agricultural University, but left this institute to work as a Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Fulbright Fellow for one year. In 1975 Professor Chahal moved to Canada and worked at the University of Waterloo and the Institute Armand-Frappier, Universite in Quebec. He retired in 1996 as Professor of Applied Microbiology and has written many books and research articles. His process to produce chemicals from waste has five patents in Canada, USA and India


Hotels & Properties (UK)

Harpal, Raj and Tony, the founders of Grange Hotels, together own and manage 12 luxury hotels located in the heart of London and a 13th one at Bracknell, Windsor. Tony Matharu is the Managing Director whereas Raj serves as the Chairman.They provide luxury 4* & 5* accommodation, hospitality and events services. The hotels are established in major parts of London like Convent Garden and West End. The Brothers entered a Niche market in 2005 buying a wing, designed solely for business women. In 2011, they were listed in the Sunday Times rich list with a wealth of around £270m.


Officer, Indian Police Force – (INDIA)

Parvinder Singh, a Police officer, served as 30th Police Commissioner in Mumbai and as Director General of Police and Managing Director of Maharashtra State Welfare and Housing Corporation. In the1980s he was Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai traffic, introducing schemes to improve traffic management. He was also Superintendent managing crime in Thane, Kulaba, Nashik and Amravati districts. Parvinder Singh played a major role in restoring the confidence of Muslims and other communities following the 1992-93 Mumbai riots. He was awarded with President’s Police Medal for distinguished service, and Indian Police Medal for meritorious service


Member of Parliament – (NEW ZEALAND)

Kanwaljit Singh is a New Zealand politician and a member of the National Party, he was elected into the 49th New Zealand Parliament in 2008. He was born Delhi 1964 and attended Guru Harkrishan Public School, acquiring a degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi in 1989. Kanwaljit is both New Zealand’s first Indian and first Sikh Member of Parliament who has been recognised for fostering ties between New Zealand and India. He assisted the New Zealand Government in publishing their policies in Indian languages for the benefit of Indian Community. He also received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2015 for building a positive profile of people of Indian Origin in New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Sportsman – (INDIA)

Milkha Singh is an Indian athlete, nicknamed the Flying Sikh. He won Gold in both 200m and 400m events at 1958 Asian Games, clocking 21.6 seconds and 47 seconds respectively. He also won Gold in the 400m at the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games with a time of 46.16 seconds. This achievement made him the first gold medallist at Commonwealth Games from Independent India. He has represented India in Olympics in 1960 (Rome), 1964 (Tokyo) 1956 (Melbourne) in both the 200m and 400m events. Post retirement, Milkha Singh holds Director of Sports in Punjab. He is the father of professional golfer Jeev Milkha Singh.


Lawyer – (SINGAPORE)

Inderjit Singh is an entrepreneur and politician in Singapore’s parliament and has represented the Ang Mo Kio GRC from 1996 to 2015. Born in Punjab, he attended Kaki Bukit Primary School in Singapore and then progressed to a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Electrical and Electronics. He continued his education at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, earning an MBA in 1991. Inderjit Singh then began a career of entrepreneurship, in which he started six businesses. He became an active grassroots leader and a Member of Parliament for the Kebun Bahru ward in the Ang Mo Kio GRC during the 1996 General Elections.


Member of Provincial Parliament – (CANADA)

MPP Jagmeet Singh was elected in the riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton in the 2011 provincial election. As a criminal defense lawyer in the Brampton and Mississauga area, he had always been a strong voice for vulnerable people and vocal on a number of human rights issues. In December 2013, his bill to recognize April as Sikh Heritage Month in the province of Ontario received Royal Assent. MPP Singh was one of the Toronto Star’s, 12 people to watch in politics and named as one of the 75 most powerful people in the 2013 Queen’s Park Briefing Power List. He was named in Toronto Life magazine as one of the five youngest rising stars and featured in the top 10 best dressed of 2013.


Chairman, DSC Group Ltd – (UK)

A visionary leader, H S Narula, 57, is Chairman at DSC Group Ltd. He led DSC Ltd into Asian continents, catering to a diverse mix of climates and languages. With decades of exceptional accomplishments in civil engineering, corporate management and professional development, he heads a $2 billion empire named after his father. He launched ‘EBONY’ group of retail store chains, Elegant English Hotels in London and operations in Dubai. HS Narula is member of many associations like CLL, FICCI and PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry in India. In 1996 he was awarded the National Citizen award by Mother Teresa.


Chairperson & Trustee, Various Organisations – (UK)

Surina is Co-Chair and Trustee of ‘Consortium for Street Children’, UK based agencies. She has organised events to raise funds and profile of ‘Street Children’ and their needs at all levels. In recognition, she was awarded The Beacon Prize in 2003 for contribution to charitable and social causes and honoured with the Asian of the Year Award in 2005 and an MBE in 2008. She is on boards of many organisations, including ‘Plan International’ a company engaged in child-centred community development in 43 countries. Surina also chaired the Victoria & Albert Museum for an exhibition on the Sikh kingdom.


Education – (USA)

Gurdev Singh Khush from Punjab, India, graduated from Punjab Agricultural University with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, where he served as a faculty member for 7 years. He joined International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines in 1972 and retired in April 2002 as Principal Plant Breeder and Head of Division of Plant Breeding Genetics and Biochemistry. He developed disease and insect resistant varieties of rice, of which 300 were released in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Dr Kush wrote 3 books, edited 6 books and wrote 250 papers in scientific journals and received many awards


Food & Property – (UK)

Tony Deep Wouhra and his four brothers have built East End Foods, a UK- based Asian £100 million business empire from practically nothing. He is one of the greatest self-starter success stories of the Midlands. East End Foods now employs about 250 people and opened the largest rice mill in Europe in 2006. Last year it also bought the former HP Sauce factory in Birmingham, saying it hoped to create up to 200 jobs at the iconic plant. The honorary doctorate at BCU comes a decade after he was awarded an MBE for services to food.


Chairman of Al Dobowi Group – (DUBAI)

Surender Singh is youngest President of the Automobile Association of Andhra Pradesh and youngest Captain of the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. Chairman of Al Dobowi Group, one of the largest tyre distribution companies in the world, he contributed a total of 65million Arab Emirate Dirhams to build the first legal Gurudwara in the United Arab Emirates. It is built on land donated by the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The structure is over 100,000sq foot and has served over 40,000 worshippers in a single day. The Gurudwara had its opening ceremony in 2012.


Canadian Police Force – (CANADA)

Baltej Singh is the first Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) allowed to wear a turban. He came to Canada 1982 and studied criminology. Whilst volunteering at RCMP he decided to join. The turban issue was raised and taken to the Commissioner, Norman Inkster, who fully supported Baltej. In 1990 Baltej, a true warrior, came out victorious and unscathed. Baltej has become an icon for multiculturism and inspires others not to compromise their principles. He is now a sergeant and polygraph examiner for B.C.’s major crime unit. He has worked on high-profile cases like the Air India bombing and serial killer Robert Pickton.


Founder & Chairman, Joyus.com – (USA)

Sukhinder began her career in investment banking, media and online services while working at Merrill Lynch, British Sky Broadcasting and Amazon. She started her first company Yodlee Inc in 1999 based in Silicon Valley. She was the Co-founder and Vice President of business development at Yodlee a leading software provider. Sukhinder then served as President of Asia Pacific and Latin America at Google for over six years. More recently, she was Chief Executive Officer of Polyvore.com, a leading fashion community website. With the wealth of experience behind her, she is now the Founder and Chairman of Joyus.com, the first premium online video shopping destination.


Regional Director, Department of Justice – (USA)

Harpreet Singh, Esq., former Legal Director of UNITED SIKHS recently joined the U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service as the Regional Director of Region III. As part of UNITED SIKHS legal team, one of Harpreet’s most important cases consisted of winning a groundbreaking Kirpan case in 2005 in Detroit. The judge ruled that the kirpan should not be considered a knife or a weapon, and that ruling has been used by many advocates to defend the right to wear the kirpan. Harpreet worked on many important cases for Sikh rights including the UNITED SIKHS Right to Turban campaign in France and Belgium.


Co-Founder & M.D., Multiple Hauliers (EA) – (KENYA)

Rajinder Singh is a respected businessman and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of Multiple Hauliers (East Africa) Ltd, the flagship of Multiple Group of Companies. It has an annual turnover of over $200m, employs 3000 staff and operates a fleet of over 1,300 trucks. Multiple Hauliers are market leaders in assembly and distribution of renowned franchises like RANDON Trailers and VW trucks and buses. Rajinder also imports petroleum and construction products, operates inland containers & storage warehousing terminals. He recently invested in plastics and polypropylene industries and his forthcoming port facility will be East Africa’s largest private development.


Patron-in-Chief, Pakistan Sikh Council – (PAKISTAN)

Ramesh Singh Khalsa is a young Pakistani Sikh leader and social worker from Karachi Sindh. Ramesh Singh is the Patron in Chief of the Pakistan Sikh Council and the first Sikh member of the Sindh Non Muslim Welfare Committee, Government of Sindh and the Chairman of the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Pakistan. He is also a member of The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).


Co-Founder & Managing Director, KTC Edibles – (UK)

Jindy Singh is co-founder and Managing Director of KTC Edibles Ltd. Set up in 1973 KTC is now Britain’s largest manufacturers and distributor of oils and fats with a turnover in excess of £220m. Operating from Wednesbury and Liverpool, they offer customers over 1,000 different products. Jindy has previously been a board member of Birmingham and Solihull Learning Skills Council, Chairman of Walsall Primary Care Trust and Chairman of the Institute Of Asian Businesses. He is a trustee of Sangat TV and a Fundraiser for CLIC Sargent for whom he ran the London Marathon in 2012 and raised in excess of £35,000.


Executive Director, IACS – (CANADA)

Dr Naranjan Singh Dhalla, from Ghanieke, Punjab graduated in Physics and Chemistry (Punjab University) with an MSc and PhD in Pharmacology (University of Pennsylvania). He is a Canadian cardiovascular research scientist focusing on cardiovascular Pathophysiology and therapy of heart disease. With many accolades, he is recognised as a world leader in heart research, discovering a novel approach for reducing the scar-size and preventing mortality from heart attacks. Naranjan Singh trained over 125 scientists, working in many research centres as Professor of Physiology, joining St. Boniface Hospital in 1996, where he’s currently the Executive Director of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences.



Anarkali Kaur in 2010 became the first Sikh and non Muslim Senator in the Afgan Parliament. Her dream job was to be a pilot, but she realised this was going to be impossible in Afghanistan. She trained as a dentist and is now a leading campaigner for Afghan women’s rights. She is one of only 3000 Sikhs & Hindus in Afghanistan today. In May 2009, the 25 year old was chosen by Radio Free Europe’s Afghan chapter as their ‘Person of the Year’. In 2011 she recieved the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence


CEO, PSI in Control – (MALAYSIA)

Harvinder Singh was the winner of the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of The Year in 2008. He runs PSI in CONTROL which is the fastest growing subsidiary of the PSI AG Group of Companies. Harvinder’s ventures have seen growth in order of intake from RM 5.7 Million in 2000 to RM 104 Million in 2010. The company is successful in winning projects amidst global competition in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Harvinder Singh is also director of the Global Sikhs Mission and responsible for the delivery of more then RM11 million worth of aid within days of the tsunami disaster.


Business Man – (BRUNEI)

Mohinder Singh Bhullar has risen from a simple beginning to a successful businessman in Brunei Darussalam. He has been instrumental in the formation of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Brunei Darussalam and has also assisted the Indian community there in multifarious ways. He has also contributed immensely to humanitarian causes and charity initiatives in India. Mohinder Singh Bhullar received the 2010 Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award.


President, Sikh Youth Federation USA – (USA)

Kuldeep Singh is a clinical scientist by profession and he is President of the Sikh Youth Federation USA. In 1996 he helped with the forming of the ‘World Sikh Council America Region’, a representative body of Sikh Gurdwaras and Sikh institutions in the USA, and became Chairperson in 1998 to 2001 and then 2003 to 2004. For 37 years he actively organized Sikh youth camps in the USA and Canada. An able fundraiser and sought-after speaker, he has published several articles on various aspects of Sikhism. Kuldeep Singh helped with the Sikh presence at the Chicago 1993 Parliament and was a major speaker at the Melbourne 2009 Parliament of World Religions conference.


Education – (INDIA)

Raghbir Singh is from Dagana Kalan, India and has a BA in Education, a MA from Punjab University and a PhD on World Religions and Cultures from (USA), including an LLB in 1982 from Punjab University. He is the author of the first ever Encyclopaedia of Sikhism on multimedia technology, he is also producer/director of the Multimedia Sikh Museum (Khadur Sahib, India) which uses Robotic and LCD technology. Although in his seventies, with many accolades and his vast knowledge working as a drug addiction counsellor, Raghbir Singh is currently setting up a free coaching Cyber School, so that future generations become productive members of the global socio-economic fabric.


Businessman – (USA)

Gurvendra Singh is an accomplished entrepreneur and community activist. Over the past decade, he has pursued an extensive philanthropic agenda that includes numerous charitable activities benefitting disadvantaged families, disaster victims and military personnel. He personally endowed Beyond Borders, a non-profit organization focused on providing medical care, scholarships, vocational facilities and cause-based funding. Gurvendra Singh also co-founded IkManzil, a philanthropic group with a goal of donating $1 million annually to Sikh causes.


Businessman – (BOTSWANA)

Arjinder Pal Singh is a prominent businessman based in Botswana. His business empire spreads across the education, construction, tourism, airline, manufacturing and agriculture industries. He started his humble beginnings in 1992 by venturing into the education sector. In 2007 he set up a manufacturing plant which manufactures medical and houseware products, based in Dubai. In addition to this, he has business interests in Australia and India. Arjinder Pal is also a philanthropist who believes in the welfare of the community and less privileged members of the society.


Film Director/Producer – (UK)

Gurinder Chadha is a Sikh film director, born in Nairobi Kenya in 1960 and moved to West London at the age of 2. After graduating from the University of East Anglia, Gurinder attended the London College of Printing, studied for a post-graduate diploma in radio journalism and worked as a BBC Radio reporter. She began work in television until moving into film production by setting up Umbi Films in 1990. Her films explore the lives of Indians living in the UK with hits like Bhaji on the Beach (1993), Bend It Like Beckham (2002), Bride and Prejudice (2004) and It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (2010).


Actor & Jewellery Designer – (USA)

Waris Singh was born in Punjab in 1975 and is an Indian actor and jewellery designer. Aged five his family moved to the USA and he grew up in Brooklyn. Based in New York he had a number of roles in Hollywood films like ‘Life Aquatic’ and ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. He became a celebrity after his last role in ‘Inside Man’ by Spike Lee. Waris Singh helped non-profit organizations to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in South Asia. He made regular trips to Mumbai and worked on prevention, his efforts mainly being through educational campaigns.


Corporate Sales Manager, Jaguar Cars – (UK)

Daljit started his career at Jaguar as a production operative on the Jaguar assembly line at Castle Bromwich in 1998. In 1999 he moved into his first staff position and was sponsored by Jaguar to study for a Masters degree in Automotive Manufacturing at Coventry University, graduating in 2002. Daljit then embarked on a career in Jaguar’s sales and marketing function where he held several positions including Customer Service and Global Sales. Daljit was appointed to his current role in August 2009 and has the responsibility for promoting the Jaguar brand within the UK Asian Community. He has passionately embraced the role and has introduced many new partnerships and successfully raised the profile of the brand within the community.


Business & Community Director, Lloyds Bank – (UK)

Kamel Kaur was Lloyds TSB Bank’s first Female Asian bank manager at a time when gender and race was an issue. She now Heads Special Projects across Lloyds Banking Group and her remits include acting as the banks Asian Ambassador, Heading their 250th Anniversary project for Lloyds Bank as well as the Groups Charity. With over 35 years banking experience, Kamel has chaired and consulted with numerous external bodies including the Government on race equality. Kamel has received several awards one being Gordon Brown’s recognition as top 10 diversity champions in UK, Asian Achievers Woman of the Year and an Honorary Doctorate to name a few.


Founder, Khalsa Aid – (UK)

Ravinder Singh was born in Singapore and is the founder of Khalsa Aid. Established in 1999, Khalsa Aid is an international non-profit and relief agency founded on Sikh principles and has volunteers in many countries providing relief to victims of disaster, wars and tragic events. In April 1999, Sikhs were celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Khalsa Panth but at the same time there was conflict in Kosovo. Ravinder launched an aid mission for the Kosovan refugees as a tribute to mark the birth of the Khalsa. This was the birth of Khalsa Aid, the first Sikh Cross-border humanitarian organisation.


Lawyer, Dutton Gregory – (UK)

Amarjit Singh is an award winning commercial lawyer and nationally recognised expert in Indian business affairs. He is at the forefront of building and strengthening bilateral trade and investment relations between the UK and India, working alongside some of the world’s most influential political and business leaders. Amarjit was one of two handpicked lawyers to accompany British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on his historic 2013 Trade Delegation to India, which included an official visit to the Golden Temple, Amritsar. He is Co-chairman of the Solent India Business Network, a member of UKTI’s Catalyst Network and an Advisory Board Member to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship.